The Booker International Prize


  • Ninth building by Zou Jingzhi, translated by Jeremy Tiang (Honford star) Kina
  • A System So Magnificent It Is Blinding by Amanda Svensson,translated by Nichola Smalley (Scribe UK) Sverige
  • Stillborn by Guadalupe Nettel,translated by Rosalind Harvey (Fitzcarraldo Editions) Mexico
  • Pyre by Perumal Murugan,translated by Aniruddhan Vasudevan (Pushkin Press) India
  • While we were dreaming by Clemens Meyer, translated by Katy Derbyshire (Fitzcarraldo Editions) Tyskland
  • The birthday party by Laurent Mauvignier,translated by Daniel Levin Becker (Fitzcarraldo Editions) Frankrike
  • Jimi Hendrix Live in Lviv by Andrey Kurkov, translated by Reuben Woolley (MacLehose Press) Ukraina
  • Is Mother Dead by Vigdis Hjorth, translated by Charlotte Barslund (Verso) Norge
  • Standing Heavy by GauZ’, translated by Frank Wynne (MacLehose Press) Elfenbenskysten
  • Time Shelter by Georgi Gospodinov, translated by Angela Rodel  (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)Bulgaria
  • The Gospel According to the New World by Maryse Condé ,translated by Richard Philcox (World Editions) Guadeloupe
  • Whale by Cheon Myeong-kwan, translated by Chi-Young Kim ( Europa Editions) Sør-Korea
  • Boulder by Eva Baltasar,translated by Julia Sanches ( And Other Stories) Spania


  • Tomb of Sand by Geetanjali Shree, translated by Daisy Rockwell (Tilted Axis) India
  • Cursed Bunny by Bora Chung, translated by Anton Hur (Honford Star) Sør-Korea (shortlist)
  • A New Name: Septology VI-VII by Jon Fosse, translated by Damion Searls (Fitzcarraldo) Noreg (shortlist)
  • Heaven by Mieko Kawakami, translated by Samuel Bett and David Boyd (Picador) Japan (shortlist)
  • Elena Knows by Claudia Piñeiro, translated by Frances Riddle (Charco) Argentina (shortlist))
  • The Books of Jacob by Olga Tokarczuk, translated by Jennifer Croft (Fitzcarraldo) Polen (shortlist)
  • After The Sun by Jonas Eika, translated by Sherilyn Nicolette Hellberg (Lolli) Danmark
  • More Than I Love My Life by David Grossman, translated by Jessica Cohen (Jonathan Cape) Israel
  • The Book of Mother by Violaine Huisman, translated by Leslie Camhi (Virago) Frankrike
  • Paradais by Fernanda Melchor, translated by Sophie Hughes (Fitzcarraldo) Mexico
  • Love in the Big City by Sang Young Park, translated by Anton Hur (Tilted Axis) Sør-Korea
  • Happy Stories, Mostly by Norman Erikson Pasaribu, translated by Tiffany Tsao (Tilted Axis) Indonesia 
  • Phenotypes by Paulo Scott, translated by Daniel Hahn (And Other Stories) Brasil


  • Can Xue (Chinese) Karen Gernant & Chen Zeping I live in the slums (Yale University Press) Longlist
  • David Diop (Fransk) Anna Mocschovakis At night all Blood is Black (Pushkin Press) Longlist
  • Nana Ekvtimishvili (Georgian) Elizabeth Heihway The Pear Field ( Peirene Press) Longlist
  • Mariana Enrìquez (Spansk) Megan McDowell The Dangers of Smoking in Bed ( Granta Books) Longslist
  • Benjamìn Labatut (Spansk) Adrian Nathan West When We Cease to Understand the World (Pushkin Press) Longlist
  • Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o ( ) Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o The perfect Nine:The Epic Gikuyu and Mumbi (VINTAGE,Harwill Secker) Longlist
  • Olga Ravn (Dansk) Martin Aitken The Employees (Lollo Editions) Longlist
  • Jaap Robben (Nederlandsk) David Doherty Summer Brother (World Editions) Longlist
  • Judith Schalansky (Tysk) Jackie Smith An Inventory of Losses ( Quercus,MacLehose Press) Longlist
  • Adania Shibli (Arabisk) Elisabeth Jaquette Minor Detail ( Fitzcarraldo Editions) Longlist
  • Maria Stepanova (Russisk) Sasha Dugdale In Memory of Memory ( Fitzcarraldo Editions) Longlist
  • Andrzej Tichý (Svensk) Nichola Smalley Wretchedness (And Other Stories) Longlist
  • Èric Vuillard (Fransk) Mark Polizzotti The War of the Poor (Pan Macmillan, Picador) Longlist


  • Shokoofeh Azar (Farsi-Iran) Anonymous The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree Europa Editions (shortlist)
  • Gabriela Cabezón Cámara (Spanish-Argentina) Iona Macintyre og Fiona Mackintosh The Adventures of China Iron Charco Press (shortlist)
  • Daniel Kehlmann (German-Germany) Ross Benjamin Tyll Quercus (shortlist)
  • Fernanda Melchor (Spanish-Mexico) Sophie Hughes Hurricane Season Fitzcarraldo Editions (shortlist)
  • Yoko Ogawa (Japanese-Japan) Stephen Snyder The Memory Police Harvill Secker (shortlist)
  • Marieke Lucas Rijneveld (Dutch-Netherlands) Michele Hutchison The Discomfort of Evening Faber & Faber (shortlist)
  • Willem Anker (Afrikaans-South Africa) Michiel Heyns Red Dog Pushkin Press
  • Jon Fosse (Norwegian-Norway) Damion Searls The Other Name: Septology I-II Fitzcarraldo Editions
  • Nino Haratischvili (German-Georgia) Charlotte Collins og Ruth Martin The Eighth Life Scribe UK
  • Michel Houellebecq (French-France) Shaun Whiteside Serotonin William Heinemann
  • Emmanuelle Pagano (French-France) Sophie Lewis og Jennifer Higgins Faces on the Tip of My Tongue Peirene Press
  • Samantha Schweblin (Spanish-Argentina) Megan McDowell Little Eyes Oneworld
  • Enrique Vila-Matas (Spanish-Spain) Margaret Jull Costa og Sophie Hughes Mac and His Problem Harvill Secker


  • Johka Alharthi (Arabic / Omani),  Marilyn Booth, Celestial Bodies (Sandstone Press Ltd)
  • Can Xue (Chinese / Chinese), Annelise Finegan Wasmoen, Love In The New Millennium (Yale University Press)
  • Annie Ernaux (French / French), Alison L. Strayer, The Years (Fitzcarraldo Editions)
  • Hwang Sok-yong (Korean / Korean), Sora Kim-Russell, At Dusk (Scribe, UK)
  • Mazen Maarouf (Arabic / Icelandic and Palestinian), Jonathan Wright, Jokes For The Gunmen (Granta, Portobello Books)
  • Hubert Mingarelli (French / French), Sam Taylor, Four Soldiers (Granta, Portobello Books)
  • Marion Poschmann (German / German), Jen Calleja, The Pine Islands (Profile Books, Serpent’s Tail)
  • Samanta Schweblin (Spanish / Argentine and Italian), Megan McDowell, Mouthful Of Birds (Oneworld)
  • Sara Stridsberg (Swedish / Swedish), Deborah Bragan-Turner, The Faculty Of Dreams (Quercus, MacLehose Press)
  • Olga Tokarczuk (Polish / Polish), Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Drive Your Plow Over The Bones Of The Dead (Fitzcarraldo Editions)
  • Juan Gabriel Vásquez (Spanish / Colombian), Anne McLean, The Shape Of The Ruins (Quercus, MacLehose Press)
  • Tommy Wieringa (Dutch / Dutch), Sam Garrett, The Death Of Murat Idrissi (Scribe, UK)
  • Alia Trabucco Zeran (Spanish / Chilean and Italian), Sophie Hughes, The Remainder (And Other Stories)


• Laurent Binet (France), Sam Taylor, The 7th Function of Language (Harvill Secker)
• Javier Cercas (Spain), Frank Wynne, The Impostor (MacLehose Press)
• Virginie Despentes (France), Frank Wynne, Vernon Subutex 1 (MacLehose Press)
Jenny Erpenbeck (Germany), Susan Bernofsky, Go, Went, Gone (Portobello Books)
Han Kang (South Korea), Deborah Smith, The White Book (Portobello Books)
Ariana Harwicz (Argentina), Sarah Moses & Carolina Orloff, Die, My Love (Charco Press)
• László Krasznahorkai (Hungary), John Batki, Ottilie Mulzet & George Szirtes, The World Goes On (Tuskar Rock Press)
• Antonio Muñoz Molina (Spain), Camilo A. Ramirez, Like a Fading Shadow (Tuskar Rock Press)
• Christoph Ransmayr (Austria), Simon Pare, The Flying Mountain (Seagull Books)
• Ahmed Saadawi (Iraq), Jonathan Wright, Frankenstein in Baghdad (Oneworld)
• Olga Tokarczuk (Poland), Jennifer Croft, Flights (Fitzcarraldo Editions)
• Wu Ming-Yi (Taiwan), Darryl Sterk, The Stolen Bicycle (Text Publishing)
• Gabriela Ybarra (Spain), Natasha Wimmer, The Dinner Guest (Harvill Secker)


  • Mathias Enard (France) Compass (Fitzcarraldo Editions) Charlotte Mandell
  • Wioletta Greg (Poland) Swallowing Mercury (Portobello Books) Eliza Marciniak
  • David Grossman (Israel) A Horse Walks Into a Bar (Jonathan Cape) Jessica Cohen -Winner
  • Stefan Hertmans (Belgium) War and Turpentine (Harvill Secker) David McKay
  • Roy Jacobsen (Norway) The Unseen (Maclehose) Don Bartlett, Don Shaw-Shortlist
  • Ismail Kadare (Albania) The Traitor’s Niche (Harvill Secker) John Hodgson
  • Jon Kalman Stefansson (Iceland) Fish Have No Feet (Maclehose) Phil Roughton
  • Yan Lianke (China) The Explosion Chronicles (Chatto & Windus) Carlos Rojas
  • Alain Mabanckou (France) Black Moses (Serpent’s Tail) Helen Stevenson
  • Clemens Meyer (Germany) Bricks and Mortar (Fitzcarraldo Editions) Katy Derbyshire
  • Dorthe Nors (Denmark) Mirror, Shoulder, Signal (Pushkin Press) Misha Hoekstra 
  • Amos Oz (Israel) Judas (Chatto & Windus) Nicholas de Lange 
  • Samanta Schweblin (Argentina) Fever Dream (Oneworld) Megan McDowell – Shortlist


  • Han Kang (Sør-Korea) The Vegetarian (Portobello Books) Deborah Smith (UK) – Winner!
  • José Eduardo Agualusa (Angola) A General Theory of Oblivion(Harvill Secker) Daniel Hahn (UK) – shortlist
  • Elena Ferrante (Italia) The Story of the Lost Child (Europa Editions) Ann Goldstein (USA) – shortlist
  • Yan Lianke (Kina) The Four Books (Chatto & Windus) Carlos Rojas (USA) – shortlist
  • Orhan Pamuk (Tyrkia) A Strangeness in My Mind (Faber & Faber) Ekin Oklap (Tyrkia) – shortlist
  • Robert Seethaler (Østerrike) A Whole Life (Picador) Charlotte Collins (UK) – shortlist
  • Maylis de Kerangal (Frankrike) Mend the Living (Maclehose Press) Jessica Moore (Canada) – longlist
  • Eka Kurniawan (Indonesia) Man Tiger (Verso Books) Labodalih Sembiring () – longlist
  • Fiston Mwanza Mujila (Kongo-Kinshasa/Østerrike) Tram 83 (Jacaranda) Roland Glasser () – longlist
  • Raduan Nassar (Brasil) A Cup of Rage (Penguin) Stefan Tobler () – longlist
  • Marie NDiaye (Frankrike) Ladivine (Maclehose Press) Jordan Stump () – longlist
  • Kenzaburö Öe (Japan) Death by Water (Atlantic Books) Deborah Boliver Boehm () – longlist
  • Aki Ollikainen (Finland) White Hunger (Peirene Press) Emily Jeremiah & Fleur Jeremiah () – longlist